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MIDNIGHT with a hint of sapphire blue

MIDNIGHT with a hint of sapphire blue

Běžná cena 64.000,00 Kč
Běžná cena 64.000,00 Kč Výprodejová cena 64.000,00 Kč
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Včetně daní. Poštovné se vypočítá na pokladně.
Inspired by Venice – the city of love and romance, Holland & Sherry’s latest Masquerade collection is a unique combination of fabrics that co-ordinate and work in harmony together offering a truly inspirational one-off look.

Each fabric in this collection has been chosen with the romance of Venice and costume, theatre, film, wedding and black tie events in mind.

This collection offers the ultimate Visual Splendour® experience; something we all require every now and again to mark those special, extravagant and very memorable events in life.
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